” is a digital platform, registered at the Ministry of Mass Media as a newscast web, which creates a network among citizens, journalists and social entrepreneurs.

The word “Praja” originated from Sanskrit, is used in several dialects in South East Asia. It defines the meaning “community”, a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. Our strategy primarily focuses upon town centric communities in order to provide a multiple link covering the island nation and beyond.

Praja is a platform for community based stories, news and features about people, places and lives. Praja is a resource base for town centric communities, where they can find information about products and services. This provides town centric information and coordinates respective township importance and services to its visitors. Praja provides an unlimited market space for the social entrepreneurs to innovate and to grow.

Praja primarily invites middle aged and above retired public and private sector employees, academics, non-academics, who are conversant or enthusiastic to write in Sinhala, Tamil or English.

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