Sinhala subtitling of Anatomy of Violence

Subtitling Anatomy of Violence

Sinhala subtitling of Anatomy of Violence

Actress Janki Bisht imagining the rape victim.

Couple of months after we started our company, we dealt with a challenging project. It is the translating and the subtitling of renowned Canadian cinematographer Deepa Mehtha’s 2016 film Anatomy of Violence.

The docudrama film analyses the root causes for the violence in the ill-famous Delhi gang rape in 2012. A young female student was raped in a bus and her brutally devastated body was thrown on the street. The girl struggled for life for several days but ultimately succumbed to the injuries. Her boyfriend was saved and he became the main witness in the trial against the brutal crime.

Anatomy of Violence portrays the perpetrators of the gang rape as victims in their childhood. The perpetrators live amidst abuse, poverty, exploitation and sexual abuse and commit the same to less powerful people whenever possible. They do not appear as regretting for their crimes and the worst factor is that there were social elements that backed them even after such a horrible crime.

The film was translated and subtitled to Sinhala by Creative Content Consultants as a part of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Canada High Commission of Sri Lanka.

We hope the subtitled movie will be shown in Sri Lanka. Thanks for our clients for giving us that job. We had few days to deliver the project and actually we enjoyed it. Everything in the translation field is a learning opportunity.

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